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Site Preview

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Our corporate sponsor Organic has done a fantastic job at creating a lush and yet high tech look and feel for ecoReserve’s future website. The screenshots below provide a sneak preview of the exciting things to come!  Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

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Jane Goodall Joins ecoReserve Advisory Board

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Posted by Colin Wiel, CEO on 12/10/09

I am happy to announce that Dr. Jane Goodall has joined the Advisory Board for EcoReserve, and that land surrounding the Gombe reserve in Tanzania, which is where she did her pioneering work with Chimpanzees and which is currently supported by the Jane Goodall Institute, will be a likely future reserve site for EcoReserve, with the Jane Goodall Institute being our on-the-ground NGO partner.  Jane is a U.N. Messanger of Peace, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, and recognized world leader in land conservation.

I had the opportunity to interview Jane in Los Angeles in October 2009. This footage was shot by Alan Duke, a producer at the CNN Los Angeles Bureau, and a long-time friend of our Panama field partner Earth Train.


Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Colin Wiel – Founder & CEO
Colin Wiel is the Founder & CEO of ecoReserve. He is a successful high-tech entrepreneur, investor and committed environmentalist. Colin’s passion for rainforest protection led him to purchase land in the Mamoni Valley in Panama, where he then conceived of ecoReserve as a vehicle for enabling individuals of any means to create their own nature reserves. He is also Co-Founder and Managing Director of Wiel Brien, LLC, a real estate investment company focused on buying, renovating, and leasing REO single family homes. Colin has a strong background in business management and software engineering. In 1998, he founded and ran Milo, a 35-person software engineering firm in San Francisco that was acquired within three years. He then founded the San ray ban sunglasses sale Francisco Chapter of the Keiretsu Forum, an angel investor network. Colin has made angel investments cheap football jerseys in more than a dozen Bay Area companies in the past six years. Earlier in his career, Colin designed an antiskid system for commercial aircraft for Boeing (two US patents issued) and co-architected the Java infrastructure for Charles Schwab’s online trading website, which was the largest dollar volume e-commerce website in the world at that time. Colin holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from U.C. Berkeley.

Tamara Pulsts – President & Co-Founder
Tamara Pulsts is President of ecoReserve. Her previous positions include Director of Operations & Research for Mindful Capital Partners, a private equity firm that Wholesale Jerseys invests in natural and organic consumer products; Product Manager of the online education channel at FastFind (acq. Bankrate), an online lead generation company; and Director of Corporate Partnerships for the Entrepreneurs Foundation, which engaged venture capitalists and early stage startup companies in philanthropy and volunteerism. Prior to that, Tamara lived in New York, where she was Manager of Affiliate Partnerships for Phase II Media, an jordan retro 1 online advertising network; Director of Individual Giving for the Phoenix House Foundation, the nation’s largest drug treatment organization; and Client Services Coordinator for the New York and London offices of the law firm Kirkland & Ellis. Tamara was a long-time volunteer for the Uganda Rural Development & Training Programme and Amnesty International. She has a B.S. in Rural Sociology from Cornell University and did MFA studies in Radio-TV-Film at Temple University.

James Lynch, III – Chief Technology Officer
In the mid-1970s, Jim Lynch had a review published in a suburban New York newspaper and decided on a career as a music journalist. He wrote often for Columbia University’s newspaper and indie magazines around the country, but soon detoured into concert promotion and artist management. After Columbia he was hired by The Kurt Weill Foundation for Music, and set out on the dual tracks of music and technology that would guide the rest of his career. His first startup, Point Seven Systems, merged with Business Link Communications in 1992, and become a pioneer in electronic prepress. He moved San Francisco 1996, and managed Systems Integration for Wells, playing a key role in the systems architecture for Wells Internet Watch Banking. Liquid Audio was able to lure him back to his musical roots in cheap football jerseys 1999, to build a top-flight IT team for the first commercial music download services. He returned to Wells Fargo 2001 as VP of Software Development for their Private Client Services Division, managing teams that built data warehouses, web-based CRM systems, and managed desktops. Wells PCS dissolved their software team in 2005, and Lynch went on to build content acquisition systems at Gracenote, and served as a consult CTO for several music and tech startups.

Will Cadell – Consulting Geospatial Engineer
Will has roamed mountanous places for many years, thats probably why he is obsessive about mapping. He has worked with geospatial data in academia, local government, natural resources and now he is building geoweb technology for the tech sector. Will moved from Scotland to Northern British Columbia in 2005 in search of adventure and the big wilderness, he found both. In addition to the landscape and skiing deep powder he discovered an interest in open source web technology. This interest has led him to present at various conferences, build some fun technology and most rescently start a new company ( which is supporting ecoReserve’s geospatial needs. Will has a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Science in Environmental Remote Sensing, both from Aberdeen University (Scotland).

Jagdish Gade – PHP MVC Developer
Pinal Sakarvadia – Engineering Team Lead

Our First Reserve Project

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Mamoní Valley Preserve, Panama

ecoReserve’s first reserve project is located on 5,000 acres of semi-degraded rainforest in Panama’s Mamoní Valley. This land is at the narrowest cheap nhl jerseys part of the Meso-American Biological Corridor through which thousands of species migrate each year. It has cheap nfl jerseys been partially deforested by logging and cattle-ranching. Our local NGO partner is Earth Train, a U.S. nonprofit Ray Ban sale founded by Nathan Gray (Oxfam America co-founder) that has been in the area for eight Lectures years. Earth Train and its conservation staff will work with scientists from the California Wholesale Jerseys Academy of Sciences and local community members to map, reforest, manage and monitor the land. Earth Train is throwback jerseys also partnering with the indigenous Kuna people who live near the reserve.


Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Corporate Sponsors

ecoReserve is deeply grateful for the generous support of its in-kind Corporate Sponsors:

36Branding The Company: Founded to help causes stand out in a crowded marketplace, 36 Branding creates uniquely memorable identities and high caliber brand experiences for nonprofit organizations.  Our team consists of marketing professionals and creative strategists seasoned in philanthropy and the public sector.  We provide high level strategy consulting, brand development, brand management and multimedia design services.

The Partnership: 36 Branding provided EcoReserve with pro bono brand management, marketing strategy and design services.  We designed and produced EcoReserve’s core marketing collateral as well as the organization’s pre-launch website.  We cheap nfl jerseys articulated EcoReserve’s emerging brand to help them attract and cultivate their target angel investors.

Cogniance The Company: Cogniance is headquartered in Silicon Valley and offers a virtual product development team to help technology companies build high quality Web 2.0 and mobile software products.  We have a team of 85 specialists based in Ukraine spanning product management, UI design, engineering, QA and Network Operations Center.  Partnering with Cogniance, our clients enjoy on-time and on-spec product delivery, as well as cost savings of at least 50%.

The Partnership: Cogniance is providing ecoReserve with pro bono software development infrastructure and project management services.

Organic The Company: Making connections with the consumer, wherever they are, and whenever they are,  is what we specialize in., We believe that deep emotional insights, leading to ideas enabled through a smart use of technology, deliver exceptional experiences. The experiences we create deliver real value to customers, and drive brand awareness and effectiveness for our clients.

The Partnership: Organic’s team of talented web designers has created the design for ecoReserve’s website-to-be, which can be previewed in the Site Preview section of this current placeholder site.

O'Melveny & Myers The Company: O’Melveny Cheap Jerseys From China helps build and connect prosperous communities of law and business. Our public service and pro bono contributions strengthen the communities we serve. Because community building is a mutual effort, we receive as much as we give. We learn from clients and industries that entrust us with their futures.  We are reminded, often by those who most need our help, that the law respects and empowers all.

The Partnership: O’Melveny & Myers has provided ecoReserve with pro bono legal counsel and has very generously given us pro bono office space through April 2010.

People Connect Staffing The Company: PeopleConnect is a boutique recruiting and staffing firm focused in helping our early stage high tech and clean tech clients throughout the US build great teams. We feature the unique Employees Without Paychecks model where, for our very early stage clients, we place “A” players in all positions who are willing to work for options only until our clients have raised their seed or A round and can put our candidates on their payroll.

The Partnership: In late 2009, PeopleConnect conducted a successful pro bono search for a Chief Technology Officer for EcoReserve.

Quickstart Global The Company: Companies use Quickstart Global’s In-House Anywhere™ offering to establish direct offices and employees around the world. In each country we are located in,  we provide organizations with access to our recruitment engine,  office space,  infrastructure,  and HR services. We create a neutral,  flexible,  and scalable foundation worldwide,  so our clients can expand their in-house capabilities without the risk,  complexity,  and investment conventionally involved with a direct presence in foreign countries.

The Partnership: QuickStart Global is providing ecoReserve with pro bono back office support for three outsourced engineers in India.

Salesforce Foundation

The Company: The vision of the Foundation is to use’s people, technology and relationships to improve our communities, inspire youth to be more successful, support the world during times of extreme need, and promote compassionate capitalism. The Salesforce Foundation harnesses the power of product and people to improve the lives of those in need. Using a unique 1/1/1 model ñ 1% Time, 1% Equity, and 1% Product ñ the Foundation reaches out to the community and increases the effectiveness of non-profit organizations so 10:13:34 they can better achieve their goals.

The Partnership: The Salesforce Foundation provides product donations, equity in the form of grants, and significant volunteer support to help ecoReserve Ray Ban Outlet automate business processes, manage data, increase efficiency and scale for growth using the platform.

The Company: Hedge Fund Services (HFS) offers back office, infrastructure, and office space for new and existing firms in the money management community. HFS has earned first call from major banks to industry participants on behalf of their clients needing technical expertise in the ray ban outlet formation of their money management firms. With a track record dating back to 1994, HFS has participated in the start up of over 400 financial management firms thru 2009.

One Bush Partners, LLC (OBP) is a holding company for the incubation of companies in the financial services, environmental assets (EcoAnalytics), cleantech and carbon credit markets. OBP offers capital, operating experience and synergistic relationships to companies with new and innovative solutions to market inefficiencies.

EcoAnalytics LLC, is a market intelligence and consulting firm for environmental markets..

The Partnership: HFS and Cheap nfl Jerseys OBP are providing pro bono office space and EcoAnalytics provides resources to ecoReserve..

To learn about volunteering for ecoReserve, please visit our Volunteer page.


Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Thank you Donors!  We are getting close!   We still cheap oakleys sunglasses need additional support though to make it down the homestretch.

After a year of amazing, fun, collaborative planning and initial website development, ecoReserve is just weeks away from its initial cheap jordan shoes private alpha launch.  Thank you to all the volunteers and donors who have helped us to get this far!

We plan to launch the alpha site at the end of June, the beta site over the summer, and the public Version 1.0 site in September in time for the start of school.

Once ecoReserve launches and people starting adopting their nature reserves, our model is that we should be almost completely financially self-sustaining.  However, we need to reach a certain level of critical mass before Oakleys Outlet we achieve that relative steady state.  In the meantime, we cheap oakleys still have initial startup costs for launching the website, and the conservation programs on the ground.  Your cheap authentic jordans donation now will help to pay for these startup costs.

Here’s how current donations will be spent:

  • Engineering website development to build our online platform for micro-conservation
  • Greenprint ecological plan for the reserve
  • Initial program implementation on the Panama reserve (conservation, reforestation, sustainable livelihoods, community education)
  • Operational costs to keep us going!

We are currently seeking to raise $50,000 by July 31.  Every donation counts!  Thank you very much for your support.

Please donate now through our Givezooks fundraising portal.

learn more

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Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

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