Corporate Sponsors

ecoReserve is deeply grateful for the generous support of its in-kind Corporate Sponsors:

36Branding The Company: Founded to help causes stand out in a crowded marketplace, 36 Branding creates uniquely memorable identities and high caliber brand experiences for nonprofit organizations.  Our team consists of marketing professionals and creative strategists seasoned in philanthropy and the public sector.  We provide high level strategy consulting, brand development, brand management and multimedia design services.

The Partnership: 36 Branding provided EcoReserve with pro bono brand management, marketing strategy and design services.  We designed and produced EcoReserve’s core marketing collateral as well as the organization’s pre-launch website.  We cheap nfl jerseys articulated EcoReserve’s emerging brand to help them attract and cultivate their target angel investors.

Cogniance The Company: Cogniance is headquartered in Silicon Valley and offers a virtual product development team to help technology companies build high quality Web 2.0 and mobile software products.  We have a team of 85 specialists based in Ukraine spanning product management, UI design, engineering, QA and Network Operations Center.  Partnering with Cogniance, our clients enjoy on-time and on-spec product delivery, as well as cost savings of at least 50%.

The Partnership: Cogniance is providing ecoReserve with pro bono software development infrastructure and project management services.

Organic The Company: Making connections with the consumer, wherever they are, and whenever they are,  is what we specialize in., We believe that deep emotional insights, leading to ideas enabled through a smart use of technology, deliver exceptional experiences. The experiences we create deliver real value to customers, and drive brand awareness and effectiveness for our clients.

The Partnership: Organic’s team of talented web designers has created the design for ecoReserve’s website-to-be, which can be previewed in the Site Preview section of this current placeholder site.

O'Melveny & Myers The Company: O’Melveny Cheap Jerseys From China helps build and connect prosperous communities of law and business. Our public service and pro bono contributions strengthen the communities we serve. Because community building is a mutual effort, we receive as much as we give. We learn from clients and industries that entrust us with their futures.  We are reminded, often by those who most need our help, that the law respects and empowers all.

The Partnership: O’Melveny & Myers has provided ecoReserve with pro bono legal counsel and has very generously given us pro bono office space through April 2010.

People Connect Staffing The Company: PeopleConnect is a boutique recruiting and staffing firm focused in helping our early stage high tech and clean tech clients throughout the US build great teams. We feature the unique Employees Without Paychecks model where, for our very early stage clients, we place “A” players in all positions who are willing to work for options only until our clients have raised their seed or A round and can put our candidates on their payroll.

The Partnership: In late 2009, PeopleConnect conducted a successful pro bono search for a Chief Technology Officer for EcoReserve.

Quickstart Global The Company: Companies use Quickstart Global’s In-House Anywhere™ offering to establish direct offices and employees around the world. In each country we are located in,  we provide organizations with access to our recruitment engine,  office space,  infrastructure,  and HR services. We create a neutral,  flexible,  and scalable foundation worldwide,  so our clients can expand their in-house capabilities without the risk,  complexity,  and investment conventionally involved with a direct presence in foreign countries.

The Partnership: QuickStart Global is providing ecoReserve with pro bono back office support for three outsourced engineers in India.

Salesforce Foundation

The Company: The vision of the Salesforce.com Foundation is to use Salesforce.com’s people, technology and relationships to improve our communities, inspire youth to be more successful, support the world during times of extreme need, and promote compassionate capitalism. The Salesforce Foundation harnesses the power of product and people to improve the lives of those in need. Using a unique 1/1/1 model ñ 1% Time, 1% Equity, and 1% Product ñ the Foundation reaches out to the community and increases the effectiveness of non-profit organizations so 10:13:34 they can better achieve their goals.

The Partnership: The Salesforce Foundation provides product donations, equity in the form of grants, and significant volunteer support to help ecoReserve Ray Ban Outlet automate business processes, manage data, increase efficiency and scale for growth using the Salesforce.com platform.

The Company: Hedge Fund Services (HFS) offers back office, infrastructure, and office space for new and existing firms in the money management community. HFS has earned first call from major banks to industry participants on behalf of their clients needing technical expertise in the ray ban outlet formation of their money management firms. With a track record dating back to 1994, HFS has participated in the start up of over 400 financial management firms thru 2009.

One Bush Partners, LLC (OBP) is a holding company for the incubation of companies in the financial services, environmental assets (EcoAnalytics), cleantech and carbon credit markets. OBP offers capital, operating experience and synergistic relationships to companies with new and innovative solutions to market inefficiencies.

EcoAnalytics LLC, is a market intelligence and consulting firm for environmental markets..

The Partnership: HFS and Cheap nfl Jerseys OBP are providing pro bono office space and EcoAnalytics provides resources to ecoReserve..

To learn about volunteering for ecoReserve, please visit our Volunteer page.