Thank you Donors!  We are getting close!   We still cheap oakleys sunglasses need additional support though to make it down the homestretch.

After a year of amazing, fun, collaborative planning and initial website development, ecoReserve is just weeks away from its initial cheap jordan shoes private alpha launch.  Thank you to all the volunteers and donors who have helped us to get this far!

We plan to launch the alpha site at the end of June, the beta site over the summer, and the public Version 1.0 site in September in time for the start of school.

Once ecoReserve launches and people starting adopting their nature reserves, our model is that we should be almost completely financially self-sustaining.  However, we need to reach a certain level of critical mass before Oakleys Outlet we achieve that relative steady state.  In the meantime, we cheap oakleys still have initial startup costs for launching the website, and the conservation programs on the ground.  Your cheap authentic jordans donation now will help to pay for these startup costs.

Here’s how current donations will be spent:

  • Engineering website development to build our online platform for micro-conservation
  • Greenprint ecological plan for the reserve
  • Initial program implementation on the Panama reserve (conservation, reforestation, sustainable livelihoods, community education)
  • Operational costs to keep us going!

We are currently seeking to raise $50,000 by July 31.  Every donation counts!  Thank you very much for your support.

Please donate now through our Givezooks fundraising portal.

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