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Endangered, but going up, still found in Madrono

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Name: Kinkajou (Potos flavus)
Status: Endangered, but going up

Our junior researcher says:  “These cuddly critters are related to raccoons, have 5in. tongues, and prehensile tails. Their diet consists of honey, nectar, fruit pulp, and insects.

From  Panama, Lider Sucre, director of Panama’s Museum of Biodiversity:

“Kinkajous endangered!?! These guys are quite common, though nocturnal and thus not often seen.  We have them right around Madroño for sure.  The local name is “Jujuná”, but the same name is used sometimes for night monkeys because their size and habits are somewhat similar.”

How important is it to protect the Kinkajou, an endangered animal,  in Madroño, our reserve in Panama, where they are  found living in the wild?   We think very important and hope you do to.