ecoReserve adds new GIS/Mapping Engineer!

ecoReserve is thrilled to announce the addition of Will Cadell to the ecoReserve team as Consulting Geospatial Engineer. Will has worked on a wide variety of geospatial projects since 2000. In addition to numerous traditional GIS projects, his experiences range from developing survey methods for stem mapping of Scots Pine distribution to writing open source tools for analysis of Landsat imagery. Recently, he has been spending his time building GIS capacity in First Nations communities and writing geoweb applications using the latest web technologies.

Will will aid us in completing the first version of ecoReserve’s mapping application, and contribute to our efforts to make the site’s overall user experience as compelling as possible to keep our users engaged. He will work closely with the ecoReserve team in San Francisco and our engineers in Pune, India. He will also implement our long-term GIS strategy, providing a foundation to leverage for future ecoReserve projects.

He has authored papers on low cost remote sensing solutions and a book chapter on remote sensing in Scotland. He serves on the board of the Innovation Resource Centre of British Columbia. Living in the wilderness of Northern BC, he spends his spare time camping with the family and climbing mountains.


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