Innovative model for small donations is sparking a big movement: Thanks to Planet Green

Thanks to Planet Green and Jaymi Heimbuch.

“A few years ago, Kiva changed the way we think about financing by creating micro-financing – small loans made to small businesses. Then more recently we heard about Janta Foundation taking the idea a step further and applying it to scholarships to get underprivileged kids through school. Now, there’s a new organization taking the idea of small steps a big step further. ecoReserve is moving us towards micro-conservation.

How ecoReserve’s Micro-Conservation Works

ecoReserve allows people to help restore and protect endangered land, support sustainable livelihoods, and create a new grassroots movement of micro-conservation by launching a breakthrough new model for philanthropy. Users can create a reserve the size of their living room for about $25, or go big – the size of an acre – for about $2,000. The user can choose if they want the funds to go towards conserving existing habitats, restoring degraded habitats, or helping create “sustainable livelihood reserves” that support local people in their pursuit of sustainable agriculture and agro-forestry.”

Read the rest of the article at Planet Green.


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