ecoReserve Celebrates Earth Day in Los Angeles April 20, 2010 Unveiling Micro-Conservation and the Jaguar Trail

The Buzz has started in LA for ecoReserve and micro-conservation.

ecoReserve took micro-conservation on the road on April 20, 2010 and showcased the game changing concept at a fabulous house party in Los Angeles. It was an early Earth Day celebration two days in advance. We consider it a 3 day Earth Day celebration and a terrific way to celebrate Earth Day 2010 with supporters of ecoReserve.

A generous supporter of ecoReserve offered their home in Los Angeles and hosted a fabulous party for us in their stunning private home. More than 50 guests were in attendance, many from the entertainment industry. So the buzz has started in LA. We can’t wait to get Hollywood’s creative minds thinking about how to tell the stories of what is taking place on the ground in the biodiversity hotspots in which ecoReserve will be working.

Here’s a link to a description of the Mesoamerican hotspot that includes the Jaguar Trail, where we’ll be working in Panama:

The excitement is building for micro-conservation and how individuals can make a difference on ecologically significant pieces of land when they acquire their own private nature reserve beginning in Panama.

Stay tuned.

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