Win a $25 Living-Room Size Nature Reserve Once We Launch

Contest to Create ecoReserve’s Tagline

Join in the fun! Toss out a few ideas for an ecoReserve tagline.Just for submitting any idea at all you’ll be automatically entered into a random drawing to win a $25 ecoreserve once we launch. If we choose your tagline you’ll win a $100 ecoreserve.

We’re looking for a memorable tagline that will help inspire a grassroots movement for micro-conservation.The tagline will be used on our website and in our marketing materials. It will look something like this:

Dream up fun, hip, taglines that describe what ecoReserve does and inspire people to take action.Taglines should be short, punchy, memorable and inspiring,something both a kindergartner and CEO would aspire to!

Here are a few samples to get you started:
• Have you created a nature reserve today?
• Save the rainforest one pixel at a time.
• Save the world 50 square yards at a time.
• Micro-conservation: Everyone can do it!
• Nature reserves for everyone
• Name It. Visit It. Share It With Friends.

For Your Inspiration:
• Site Preview:
• Executive Summary:

Please type your tagline ideas into the blog (no limit).We will be taking entries until we launch.

1) Random Drawing Just for Entering – Anyone who submits a tagline idea will automatically be entered into a random drawing for a $25 living-room size nature reserve once we launch.
2) Tagline Winner – If we actually decide to use one of the submitted taglines, your prize will be a $100 ecoreserve plus lots of fame and glory!

The winner(s) will be announced via this blog, Facebook, and Twitter prior to launch.Please stay tuned!


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