Kismet: a new theory of volunteer recruiting

Tamara and I met with an outrageously talented woman today for lunch at Amber India next to the Four Seasons in San Francisco. She’s going to take the lead in creating what I’ll call “foundation-level CSS” to aid us in converting Organic’s designs into a world class user interface for ecoReserve.

It wasn’t her talent that prompted this blog post, though… it was her backstory. We walked through the details of a couple of sample layouts, went over some common landmines created when several developers collaborate on UI implementations… then she said something that blew us away.

“I have an external motivation… I was busted on a seatbelt ticket in Marin County… it was either community service or a big fine.” It turns out, in Marin County, and in many other areas in the US, the idea of “community service” means the donation of work to a registered non-profit.

So, all of you out there sliding through the tubes of the mighty internet… especially any linux system administrators, graphic designers, UI developers, marketing mavens… if you have a moving violation, a non-scary misdemeanor, any minor infraction for which you may choose community service as your sentence: ecoReserve… we’ll help you save the rainforest and avoid that big fine, all in a day’s (or 30 hours, or whatever your sentence might be) work.


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