Field Work #3: My host family and their plants

I cheap jordans for sale will tease you with some cheap fake oakleys anecdotes so that eventually you will have to come to Mamoni Arriba to make your own stories!

The man standing to the left of the Corotu tree (Enterolobium cyclocarpum) is of course, Arsenio. This photo was taken on Arsenio’s farm. The Corotu is a massive tree that farmers allow to grow on their farms because cattle love to eat its fruits. I wholesale nfl jerseys particularly love to find this tree in the forest because like many legumes, it has tiny leaflets that allow sparks of cheap oakleys sunglasses sunlight to penetrate through the forest canopy.

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On the photo below are some of Arsenio’s cows. It might seem odd that I am posting photos of cows on a website dedicated to forest conservation, but cows are an important part of the culture in nfl jerseys cheap Mamoni Arriba. Many people in the area are in the cattle business. They rear the calves and sell the cows in Chepo which is a town 2 hours from Mamoni Arriba.

The women in Mamoni Arriba make hats with fibers that are extracted from a local plant that is commonly known as Junco. This species grows along rivers like the Mamoni River. They collect the shoots from the Junco plant, dry it and extract the fiber to weave the hats.

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For women it is very important to have a wholesale football jerseys china garden surrounding על their houses. Florinda, Arsenio’s mom, has an extraordinary collection of orchids. Orchids are To an epiphytic plant, which means that they live on top of other plants without hurting their host. Florinda also has terrestrial garden flowers including Hibiscus, Ixora, Roses, and Impatiens.

Before leaving, Arsenio offered some coconut water or “agua de pipa”. The coconut water is the Cheap Jerseys clear liquid inside the young coconut fruit. It is sweet and refreshing. You must not be Cheap Football Jerseys afraid of heights to collect the coconut fruit. You must also be skillful with the machete to remove the outer green husk.



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