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Friday, March 26th, 2010

Hi everyone –

After almost 3 months of work from planning to realization, on March 23, 2010, I launched the beta version of the InteractiveMap (I.M.) for our internal review and feed-back.

At this stage, I look forward to our colleagues’ comments and feed-back while working on the next version of the I.M., considering more features including parcels selection flexibility.

Now we have our own internal engine to interact with Google map environment to pick multiple ecoParcel and make our contribution to the conservation and restoration of our planet Earth.

It is synonym to finishing our apéritif and getting ready for the entrée.

Bon appétit



Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Hi everyone!
This week with the help of Tamara in particular we started to put together the idea of a new spatial database where various acreage of ecological parcels could be accessed. This is important because it would offer more flexibility to our prospective users.

Also we have been working to summarize the con- and pro- of utilizing various air-borne/space-borne imagery to accommodate users’ appreciation of reserves as well as vegetation and change-detection modeling.

Geospatial Applications

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
Hi everyone!


As the VP of Geospatial Engineering my main responsibility is to plan, manage and implement the Geospatial aspects of ecoReserve, Inc.  which includes three areas:
1) Geographic Information Science/System,
2) Remote Sensing and
3) related Applications.


In this case conceptualization, planning and implementation of an interactive mapping environment for the selection of ecological parcels and for the purposes of restoration and/or conservation.


In my experience, developing a software application is synonymous to making food or better to say –la cuisine. It encompasses need assessment, conceptualization, planning, designing components, assembly, testing/debugging and deployment/serving.


Let’s start with the preparation of ingredients, running the ingredients through specific condition such sauté and/or cooking and then assembly or putting together the components under specific condition, rule and order.


Then a very important step which you have to consider in your mind from the very beginning of the project which is very important on how we present a product –The Look-and-Feel and/or the Presentation.


I will show you some snapshots or walk-through soon. It is all coming together beautifully.