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ecoReserve coding momentum!

Friday, June 4th, 2010

On Wednesday, in front of ecoReserve’s CEO, Colin Wiel, our President/COO, Tamara Pulsts, and our new GIS engineer, Will Cadell, I was able to show a demo build of ecoReserve’s web application, with many of the features in place for our private alpha release at the end of this month. As soon as Will has integrated the first version of the Mamoni Valley map, we’ll start extended testing on the alpha among ecoReserve staff and associates. We hope to have our public beta later this summer, and a full launch in the fall.

The screen shot below is from our development server, and shows the left content drawer used for navigating through our editorial content. This blog is currently being mirrored into the live application, so that once we’re ready to show it to the world, all the content we’ve created to date will be available in the new application. Thanks to everyone on my team for their great code, and thanks to everyone else in the ecoReserve community for their support. We’re getting VERY close, and I can’t wait to share our work with you!

screen shot from the ecoReserve dev server

ecoReserve Gifts

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

As Sandy mentioned in her post about the SF Green Festival, we’re adding a feature to our initial launch: the ability of ecoReserve users to send gifts to other users. There will be a page on the site with a form that allows users to select a gift amount, and send it to an existing ecoReserve friend, another ecoReserve user, or to someone who hasn’t joined ecoReserve yet. Users will also be able to access this feature while browsing through Reservist profiles.

We’re also enhancing our “sharing” capabilities for this feature. Users be able to post the page to Facebook, of course, asking their friends to shower them with ecoReserve gifts for their birthday, wedding, or any other occasion. We’ll also allow users to send out a pre-formatted email inviting them to send gifts for those same occasions.

We all appreciate the feedback given to us at the Green Festival. The Gift feature is something that somehow evaded our initial  rfeature list, thanks to those who got it back on the list!