Executive Council

ecoReserve Executive Council

The ecoReserve Executive Council is comprised of nine committees of senior level volunteers who actively and regularly assist ecoReserve on key strategic and operational issues.  The Executive Council contributes in a significant way to expanding ecoReserve’s capacity, developing best practices across our functional areas, and developing strategic partnerships in the areas of technology, marketing, fundraising, conservation science and sustainable development.

Committee Structure & Organization

Co-Chairs: Each Committee on the Executive Council has two Co-Chairs who are responsible for recruiting and managing their committee members.  The Co-Chairs will coordinate with ecoReserve senior management and with their assigned Board member advisor to develop the initiatives for their committee.  Committee Co-Chairs will have full responsibility and authority to implement the agreed-upon initiatives.

Officers: Members of the Executive Council are referred cheap MLB Jerseys to as Officers.  Requirements for Officers are to have at least three years of professional experience relating to their Committee.  They must also be able to commit to attending Committee meetings and contributing in a significant way to their Committee’s initiatives over the course of their two-year term.  Officers should assume a cheap China Jerseys minimum commitment of at least five hours per month.

Size: Each Committee will have approximately five members, including the two Co-Chairs.  The Committees are designed to facilitate high-level, professional collaboration and philanthropic achievement.

Meetings: The Executive Council as a whole will meet on a quarterly basis, just prior to the ecoReserve Board of Directors quarterly meetings.  Individual committees may meet on a monthly or weekly basis as needed depending on their initiatives.  Committee meetings may be held at ecoReserve’s offices or via telephone or Skype.

Financial: We request that Executive Council members make a charitable contribution of at least $250 per year, which can be accomplished through Jumble one contribution or multiple installments.

Term: There is a two-year term for participation in the ecoReserve Executive Council, both for Co-Chairs and Officers.

ecoReserve Executive Council Committees

  1. Development Committee
  2. Education Committee
  3. Events Committee
  4. Finance & Legal Committee
  5. Group Development Committee
  6. Marketing Committee
  7. Reserve Programs Committee
  8. Technology Committee
  9. Volunteers Committee

Click here to read detailed descriptions of the Executive Council committees.

To inquire about joining the ecoReserve Executive Council, please send your resume and a short note relaying your committee of interest and relevant skills to Tamara Pulsts, President | [email protected].

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